Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Channel 7 show filmed at the Foundation

Deborah Horne hosted the show KIRO InColor from the Washington house and studio on Monday.  KIRO InColor is a public affairs show about the diversity of the Pacific Northwest. The show has been honored with four Emmy awards and received national recognition.  Since 1994, the show has explored issues important to the Northwest, specifically the region's minority communities. The series profiles a variety of fascinating people from artists to activists. 

  Ms. Horne interviewed Tim Detweiler, the Foundation's Executive Director, about James and Janie Washington and their role in the Central District. She also explored the property, narrating from the front porch, garden and the house and studio.  
The show aires on Sunday, July 12th at 5:30.  Don't miss it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe and his Dog

Joe Max Emminger, Resident Artist Spring 2009, wrote us a nice note about his time in the Washington Studio.  Joe often brought his dog Lily along for company.  

James Washington had a dog named Shemp and it seemed that Lily was always looking to find him...

Joe's Letter:

James Washington House Thoughts

Joe Max Emminger

Spring 2009

I had a residency at the James Washington House for a month in spring 2009.

Mr. Washington was still there too. His garden is there, and his tools, his studio and his books. His clothes are in the closet, and the little bed he slept on for 50 years is still there. It was like he just stepped out for a cup of coffee and I stepped in.

It was a privilege to be there in the very same studio where he had worked for so many years. I am a painter and I don’t know much about sculpture. I tried something new at Washington House. Everyone was helpful and as a result I made four pieces of sculpture that I like. I started in a new direction. 

Thank-you for the opportunity – it was wonderful.


Joe Max Emmiger




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Artist in Residence 2009-2010

This year the Foundation put out a call to artists throughout Washington State.  We asked artists to propose a project that they would like to accomplish during their one month residency. 

We received a $5,000 gift from Artist Trust to host three artists from the State at James Washington's home and studio.  

The Foundation awarded the residencies to three artists from Pullman, Washington.  There will be more on these talented folks in the coming weeks...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Northwest African American Museum's Brian Carter

This is a great article about Northwest African American Museum's Brian Carter.  Brian has done a great job at the Museum.  His energy makes the Museum Hum.