Saturday, August 8, 2009

Iron Artist Competition

This year at the Iron Artist Competition the James & Janie Washington Foundation sent its best people. Artists Esther Ervin, Romson Bustillo and Marita Dingus made us very proud.  They won the critics award and brought home first prize, $200.  They promptly donated the prize money to the Foundation. Aren't they great?
This was a huge competition... 23 teams representing many non-profits near and far.

Romson and Esther celebrate while purple and blue haired angels applaud...
Romson consoles the other artist teams.

Iron Artist Competition Rules:

All materials will be provided by Tacoma Art Museum and unveiled at the beginning of the event. A list of acceptable supplies that you may bring with you to the Iron Artist Challenge will be provided upon registration. The Iron Artist Challege will begin at 6 pm and last for 60 minutes. Judging will take place after the contest, during the fashion show.

The materials to be used will be presented at the beginning of the event, meaning everyone will have exactly the same 60 minutes to plan and execute his or her piece. Each piece must be wearable and ready to wear by a live model that will display the work on the catwalk during the fashion show. At the end of the allotted time, the artwork will be handed in, finished or not, to be judged by our panel. The panel of judges will meet to select the winning pieces during the fashion show, while the artists are given a post-event interview by the host.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the comments has a real sense of humor. I couldn't stop laughing at the caption on this one.
Esther-present at the alleged consolation.