Tuesday, October 13, 2009

City Wide 100th Birthday Celebration of Artist James W. Washington, Jr.

The James and Janie Washington Foundation will take part in a citywide 100th birthday celebration of James Washington. Mr. Washington moved to Seattle in 1944 from the Deep South. Upon reaching the Northwest, he began to use his artwork to express his social concerns and devoted his entire life to representing the African American community through public service. His work is included in major collections around the country including the Smithsonian, the Whitney, SFMOMA and the Seattle Art Museum.

After his passing in 2000, his legacy is carried on by the James and Janie Washington Foundation through community programs and exhibitions. The Foundation is located in the artist’s historic home and studio in the Central District of Seattle. It is a cultural center that serves as an educational tool, an artist’s refuge, and a historic landmark. It is a forward-looking institution based on the life of an African American pioneer in the visual arts and social justice.

This year, Mr. Washington would have turned 100 years old and the Foundation is celebrating his contributions to the Seattle Community with events and exhibitions throughout the city.

There are several institutions that have partnered with the Foundation to commemorate the life and legacy of Mr. Washington.

Sunday Afternoon Celebration at Mount Zion Baptist Church

Where: 1634 19th Avenue, Seattle, WA
When: November 1, 2009

Exhibition at Pratt Fine Arts Center

Continuing the Legacy, an exhibition showcasing work from recipients of the James & Janie Washington Foundation Artist-in-Residence Program, including Jite Agbro, Romson Bustillo, Marita Dingus, Joe Max Emminger, Daniel Minter and Esther Ervin.
Where: Pratt Gallery at Tashiro Kaplan Studios,
306 S Washington St, Suite 102, Seattle
When: November 5 - 27, 2009
Opening: First Thursday, November 5, 6 - 8pm
Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 12 - 5pm and by appointment

100th Birthday Celebration– party, entertainment, and art

Where: The Ruins, 570 Roy Street, Seattle, WA 98109
When: November 8, 2009, 6 pm
Contact the Foundation for tickets: 206-709-4241

Woodside/Braseth Gallery

James W. Washington, Jr: Looking Back 
Where: 2101 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
When: November 12, 6pm

The James & Janie Washington Foundation

Discovering the Spirit in the Stone – A dynamic permanent exhibition about art, Social Justice and the African American migration, set in the context of Mr. and Mrs. Washington’s historic home.
Where: 1816 26th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
Opening: November 12, 2009
Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 12-4 and by appointment

Contact: Tim Detweiler @ 709-4241 or tdetweiler@jameswashington.org

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